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Table 2 Long-term preference of the midwives

From: Experiences of a new cadre of midwives in Bangladesh: findings from a mixed method study

 Urban 66.5
 Rural 31.1
 No preference 2.4
 Public/ government sector 99.7
 Private sector 0.0
 NGO sector 0.3
 Others 0.0
 No preference 0.0
Facility type
 Tertiary hospitals 7.0
 District hospitals 31.5
 Maternal and child welfare centres 17.7
 Upazila health complexesa 37.9
 Union sub-centresb 5.5
 Family welfare centresb 0.3
 Others (specify) 0.0
 No preference 0.0
Wish to migrate abroad
 Yes 74.8
 No 25.2
Desire to undertake higher education
 Yes 99.7
 No 0.3
Number of respondents (N) 329
  1. aUpazila health complexes are primary level health care facilities at a sub-district level with inpatient and outpatient facilities
  2. bUnion sub-centres and family welfare centres are union (lowest administrative area) level facilities with outpatient services only run by health and family planning departments respectively