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Table 5 Principle-based leading practices for regulating scope of practice

From: Regulating health professional scopes of practice: comparing institutional arrangements and approaches in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK

Regulatory principle Description related to scopes of practice Leading practices
Definition Clear definitions of professional scope that advance regulators’ mandate of protecting public safety Uniform legislation and regulatory authorities operating nationally provide consistent and clear practice standards and regulatory frameworks (Australia)
Flexibility Regulation sufficiently flexible and responsive to allow for timely innovation and optimization in scopes of practice Umbrella frameworks that offer regulatory flexibility and loosen the restrictiveness of scopes of practice (many Canadian jurisdictions)
Accountability Scope of practice regulation is transparent and contributes to high-quality and safe patient care Transparent and publicly accountable risk-based processes with separate oversight body (UK)
Efficiency Optimizing coherence, coordination, and communication while maintaining focus on public safety Licensure compacts allowing licensure recognition and sharing of regulatory data across jurisdictions (US)
Collaboration Legitimate stakeholder perspectives included in scope of practice consultations and definitions Increased public engagement in regulatory processes such as community reference group (Australia)