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Table 2 Self-perceived impact of global health elective on CanMEDS competencies

From: The impact of a global health elective on CanMEDS competencies and future practice

CanMEDS rolesCompetencyNo impact (1) or minor impact (2)Neutral (3)Moderate impact (4) or major impact (5)
Medical expert [3]“Actively contributing, as an individual and as a member of a team providing care, to the continuous improvement of health care quality and patient safety” [3]01 (6%)16 (94%)
“Establishing professional therapeutic relationships with patients and their families” [3]2 (12%)7 (41%)8 (47%)
Collaborator [3]“Working effectively with physicians and other colleagues in the health care profession” [3]04 (24%)13 (76%)
Leader [3]“Engaging in stewardship of health care resources” [3]01 (6%)16 (94%)
“Responding to an individual patient’s health needs by advocating the with patient within and beyond the clinical environment” [3]1 (6%)1 (6%)16 (94%)
“Responding to the needs of communities or populations they serve by advocating with them for system-level change in a socially accountable manner” [3]2 (12%)1 (6%)14 (82%)
Scholar [3]“Contributing to the creating and dissemination of knowledge and practices applicable to health” [3]2 (12%)1 (6%)14 (82%)
Professional [3]“Demonstrating commitment to society by recognizing and responding to societal expectation in health care” [3]1 (6%)1 (6%)15 (88%)