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Table 2 Clinic-epidemiological characteristics of the TB patients admitted to Beira and Nampula Central Hospitals, Mozambique

From: Using hospital auxiliary worker and 24-h TB services as potential tools to overcome in-hospital TB delays: a quasi-experimental study

CharacteristicsBefore interventionAfter intervention
Control site, no.Intervention site, no.P value (chi-square)Control site, no.Intervention site, no.P value (chi-square)
 Female4944 5968
 Total116103 136167
Age categories
 15–24 years old23120.09923320.147
 25–34 years old3944 4351
 35–44 years old2923 3241
 45–54 years old1316 1727
 > 55 years old128 2116
HIV status
 Negative4419 6428
Highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART)
 On HAART11370.00141730.001
 Not on HAART10566 9594
History of TB treatment and sensitivity to drugs
 New case77660.10678910.106
 Relapse3325 4345
 MDR TB612 1531