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Fig. 3

From: Size, composition and distribution of health workforce in India: why, and where to invest?

Fig. 3

Source: estimates from NSSO 2017–2018 and Census of India 2019. Using population projection as of 1st January 2018 from Census of India 2019

States with varied density of doctors and nurse/doctor ratio. DE Delhi, HA Haryana, HI Himachal Pradesh, JK Jammu and Kashmir, PU Punjab, RJ Rajasthan, UK Uttarakhand, AS Assam, CH Chhattisgarh, MP Madhya Pradesh, UP Uttar Pradesh, BI Bihar, JH Jharkhand, WB West Bengal, OD Odisha, MA Maharashtra, GU Gujarat, AP Andhra Pradesh, KA Karnataka, KE Kerala, TN Tamil Nadu, TE Telangana

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